Idaho Physicians Network (IPN) is a statewide independent practice association of participating providers who work together to deliver a wide range of health care services. Your employer or insurance carrier has chosen IPN to assist you in obtaining quality, cost-effective medical services.

In an effort to provide you with the most current listing of IPN participating providers, a provider directory with search capabilities is available on the IPN website at It is important to know when you enroll with your employer or insurance carrier whether services are provided through an IPN participating provider although the continued participation of any one provider or hospital cannot be guaranteed. As with any directory, frequent changes occur. IPN is not responsible for inadvertent errors or omissions and no assurance can be given as to the complete accuracy.

It is your responsibility to verify that a provider is participating with IPN by calling your employer or insurance carrier or the IPN Provider Locator Service at 433-4610 (1-888-789-2346).

Providers Changing Status
This directory is subject to change as new participating providers may join or currently listed providers may no longer participate. Therefore, frequent verification is necessary to confirm IPN participating provider status before services are rendered.
Eligibility, Benefits, Precertification and Referrals
Should you have questions regarding eligibility, verification of benefits, precertification, referrals and specific covered services, it will be necessary for you to contact your employer or insurance carrier.
Covered Providers and Services
This directory does not guarantee the services of IPN participating providers will be covered under your health care plan. Be sure to consult your health plan benefit design description to determine what types of providers and services are covered. Failure to confirm services could result in a reduction in your benefits or increased "out-of-pocket" expenses.
Customized Benefit Design
Some employers have customized benefits, which may include or exclude some of the IPN participating providers listed. Please check your health plan benefit design for specifics.
Providers Practicing in a Group
Providers listed in this directory may practice in more than one group. Not all groups or all providers within a group are necessarily IPN participating providers. Please verify contracting status prior to making an appointment by calling the IPN Provider Locator Service at 433-4610 (1-888-789-2346) or by contacting your employer or insurance carrier.
Provider Location/Place of Service
Individual providers may practice in a variety of different office locations. The listing of a specific provider does not always mean that the participating provider status applies to all practice locations. Before you visit a provider, please verify that your choice is, in fact, an IPN participating provider at the location where you will be receiving services. You may also verify the provider by calling the IPN Provider Locator Service at 433-4610 (1-888-789-2346), or by contacting your employer or your insurance carrier.
Credentialed/Board Certified
IPN participating providers are credentialed pursuant to Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) guidelines. Providers verified as board certified with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), American Osteopathic Association (AOA), American Board of Podiatric Surgery (ABPS) or other such boards as may be applicable, are indicated by a designated symbol. Certain credentialing criteria is not applicable to selected providers/facilities and a symbol denoting providers as non-certified by IPN will be used to identify those providers/facilities.