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  • Mission
    Managing the complexity of healthcare processes
    IPN enables physicians to successfully manage the complexity of healthcare systems and processes through meaningful collaborative relationships involving payors, patients, and hospitals.

    Providing value, every step of the way

    IPN is the largest independent provider network in Idaho, offering services in communities throughout the state and in some adjacent states.

    A contractual relationship with IPN offers providers valuable resources and exceptional service and support. Payors benefit from IPN’s extensive network of heathcare professionals who deliver quality care at competitive prices. For patients, IPN’s statewide presence and thorough credential verification process ensure more provider choices and better health outcomes.

    Reflecting the people and communities we serve

    IPN shares the values of the communities and people we serve. Our success is directly attributable to the talent we recruit and the partnerships we maintain. Best business practices shape and guide those relationships—a claim clearly affirmed by our NCQA Accreditation in Credentialing and Recredentialing.

    IPN is committed to service, quality, integrity, and leadership.

    • Service: Our highest priority, we maintain strong supportive relationships with all of our clients through open, honest, and frequent communication.
    • Quality: From stringent credentialing policies to the careful monitoring of day-to-day network operations, we believe quality assurance is essential to long-term success.
    • Integrity: We value and observe the highest ethical standards and treat our customers and staff with professional courtesy and respect.
    • Leadership: Whether concerning business growth or patient health, we provide the answers and resources our customers need to achieve results.